With the ultrasonic ability to measure the smallest micro-flow changes in a pipe,
and even measure backflow, the NINJA is the ideal flow meter for a Smart Water Grid (SWG).


 The purpose of the Smart Water Grid is to efficiently monitor the supply and demands of water. 

An ideal SWG will allow for the real-time monitoring of leakages. It should also be easy to find the specific details of such a leak. However, leakages can often result in only a micro-scale change in flow, making it difficult to find with a common flow meter. The NINJA, unlike the commonly used electromagnetic flow meter, is able to measure even these tiny differences in flow rate. This makes it a much more efficient candidate.
Moreover, A SWG often has parts in the pipeline that switch flow directions in the day and night or simply have sections of pipe where the flow direction is undetermined. An electromagnetic flow meter is unable to measure any flow in the negative direction, making it nearly impossible to operate a SWG efficiently.Conversely, the NINJA has the capability to measure flow rate in either direction.
The NINJA fits these important purposes of the SWG, making it the perfect product to efficiently manage water.