Ultrasonic Flow Meter – Caloriena clamp type

・ Innovative, user-friendly and sanitary
・ Attaches directly to pipes via clamping system without any fluid contact
・ Provides simultaneous temperature measurement
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 Ultrasonic Flow Meter – NINJA direct insertion

・ ICT’s industry-leading water grid management technology
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International Agencies

For more information, please contact ICT or one of our agencies below.

KIT Trading Kansai Automation
JAPAN    www.kit-trading.co.jp JAPAN    kansai-automation.co.jp
SPAIN    www.caloriena.es FRANCE    www.2gmetrologie.com


 Monitoring Systems

・ “miWatcher” mini monitoring system
・ Environmental data and equipment systems
・ Auto-alarm systems
・ Manufacturing equipment and validation systems
 Data Loggers

・ Multi-channel data logger
・ BOD calculating functions
・ Flexible output functions
 Wireless Devices

・ 400 MHz/900 MHz telecontrol
・ ZigBee Communication Units
・ Wireless modems

・ Ultrasonic & ultrasonic vibration sensors
・ Temperature sensors (thermostat)
・ Pressure vibration sensors
 OEM Products

・ Controllers, testing equipment and communication devices for factories
・ Data collection
・ CAN network systems
・ We accept a wide variety of requests